With more than $3 trillion in spending power and a rapidly growing need for new medical technologies, Baby Boomers, Seniors, and Caregivers together comprise the most lucrative target market in America, and it’s only getting larger. As smartphones enjoy greater and greater penetration into these cohorts, a new world of massive opportunity has emerged. Indeed, our market research indicates that these users -- with their vast numbers and large wallets -- are increasingly willing to pay for high quality mobile apps, especially ones recommended by their physicians or peers. 

Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs are overlooking this market. And even those who do see the opportunity too often rely on design and marketing developed for younger, savvier consumers. Boomers’, Seniors’, and Caregivers’ needs are fundamentally different from those of Gen X, Gen Y, or Millennial consumers, and selling into their segments require fundamentally different approaches to design, marketing, messaging, and distribution.

How to Market Digital Healthcare Products to Boomers, Seniors, and Caregivers offers an insider’s perspective on how these consumers markets think. In this book, you’ll learn why older generations sometimes fear technology, how those fears manifest, and -- most importantly -- how those fears can be overcome. Through proprietary research and real-world examples, this book offers practical advice and useful data for designers, product managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking to build for these markets. From discussions of Boomers’ concern of ‘Big Brother’ to tips for onboarding users in an engaging (and stick) manner, this straight-talking manual offers clear, useful, and usable advice on connecting with older consumers and the people who care for them.