Create better performing emails with Red C’s new Eye Tracking White Paper

Manchester agency Red C have launched a brand new Eye Tracking study, “Ten Inbox Secrets”, which gives away top tricks of the trade to enhance your email marketingThe agency, whose clients include Swinton Group, Jessops. Spirit Pub Company, Bensons for Beds, JD Williams and the Hoseasons Holiday Group have been involved in Eye Tracking since 1995.  With significant expertise in-house including writing, designing, building and analysing emails for blue chip clients, Red C already knew a lot about what worked but wanted to know more about why it worked.  For the past 12 months, they have been using their own in house Tobii eye tracking machine to help deliver these insights.The results are based on a study of over 50 emails from 8 consumer market sectors, including fashion, travel and daily deals.  The detailed report provides exceptional insight on the 10 key factors that influence email engagement and drive response. More than 100 respondents took part in the study, and the report covers the crucial importance of the opening screen, the use of rich content to engage readers and the tricks and techniques of digital salesmanship.Adrian Rowe, Chairman of Red C and co-author of the study said “this document represents a distillation of some of the most important findings. We wanted it to be useful for email marketing practitioners, and we have structured it for those at the sharp end, illustrating each point with examples we uncovered of both good and bad practice. It has given us some outstanding insights into the techniques that encourage recipients to engage with and respond to emails, and we hope readers will find it useful in designing more effectively for the inbox”.