Duplicate content checker PlagSpotter.com

September 10, 2012

About PlagSpotter

PlagSpotter is a new duplicate content checker tool that helps bloggers, webmasters, writers to track if someone has used any of their material in the Internet. This is tool prevents Internet copyright infringement.

If a website has duplicate content, it and can be put last in a Google search or removed entirely. This is also a tool that website developers and owners can utilize to ensure that they don’t have any duplicate content on their website by mistake. 

The Importance of Duplicate Content Prevention

Duplicate content is exteremely important topic for webmasters as a result of Google’s latest penalties and algorithm updates (for example, Google Panda).  With PlagSpotter, website owners may ensure that they utilize only original content and avoid any problems with duplicate content or SEOs by easily identifying if their content is truly original. Additionally, anyone who has written any original material is able to find out if their material has been duplicated elsewhere on the Internet without their permission. 

Development of PlagSpotter 

PlagSpotter was developed by a Ukrainian-based web and software developing company, Devellar, in Kyiv, Ukraine in conjunction with an additional satellite office in New York City. Devellar was originally founded in 2004 to develop products for its own use. However, Devellar has expanded to give more diverse services in IT, Internet Marketing, ecommerce, and sales/support. PlagSpotter is one of its latest projects designed to increase SEO and to give authors power over their content distribution. 

PlagSpotter’s Future Plans

PlagSpotter’s plans include developing an algorithm improvement tool to expand its duplicate content tracking operations. However, PlagSpotter is not only dedicated to improved algorithms. It is a company that seeks to implement additional features to further precipitate meeting its customer’s needs in their search for duplicate content across the Internet.