Cohdoo Highlight

ryan russell
January 1, 2011

Shine new light on recording user research, interviews, lectures and more with Cohdoo Highlight. Let your fingertip be your highlighter. Simply start a recording, marking “aha” moments as you hear them. Break time? Pause and resume the same recording, adding more highlights. Later, easily review your highlights, add notes and share recordings with your team. Get your recordings out of the dark, let no dust collect on great ideas … Highlight!

Never Lose Key Points ... or Eye Contact Again

  •  Start the recording and each time you hear something you'd like to recall, jolts you with an "aha", simply touch the screen and mark it. A highlight point will be added.
  • Add as many highlights as you'd like.
  • A little slow on making the mark? You can set the highlight to automatically shift back a few seconds.

Say Cheese

  • Take a photo while a recording, or add one after-the-fact during playback.

Improve Your Listening

  • Playback your recording in whole, or instantly jump to your marked highlights allowing you to quickly access key information and data.
  • You can add more highlights in playback mode too.

Share the Good News

  • All your highlights, notes and other recording data are stored within a single, small audio file, making it easy to share the “aha” experience.
  • Upload a recording to Dropbox.
  • Send via email.
  • Copy to your desktop with iTunes file sharing.
  • Play back recordings on a Mac, or PC with QuickTime.

Replay on the Big Screen

Using the Highlight Player companion app for OSX, available on the Mac App Store, others can easily play recordings you send them from Highlight right on their desktop, allowing you to quickly spread key knowledge and “aha” moments to teammates and others throughout your organization.


Nielsen Norman “2012 Best Application Design Award” winner.