Cloud Computing Now Integrated In Titanium

Gaurav Yadav
July 22, 2014

Appcelerator, a California based mobile platform company has launched Titanium 2.0, a platform that is focused to simplify the process of integrating various cloud services to mobile applications. It is compatible with Appcelerator cloud services and can also be used as a stand along service by any mobile web or native developer. The prime motive of titanium app development is to help every enterprise to easily and quickly create rich and cloud connected titanium module development applications for any platform or devices.

Titanium mobile is one of the most popular phone web based applications solutions that enable web developers to apply their skills to create various applications for Android and iPhones. With more than 40,000 applications running on 50 million devices, titanium platform has leveraged over 5000 mobile device and operating system APIs to create titanium mobile development that can quickly optimize business results with analytics driven insights into app performance and user behavior.

Titanium platform 2.0 is open and fully extensible and makes integration of data, content and other service easy from varied sources into different mobile applications so that they can leverage the best of breed capabilities. At the launch, the company has offered more than a dozen cloud based mobile features that can be used by the developers that includes the ability to store, share and publish photos by using Facebook, twitter, and also receive push notifications.

According to the company there are major retail companies that have created titanium mobile development that have enabled their users to create a shopping list that was accessible from phone.  Appcelerator cloud service has been integrated in Titanium so that the developers can easily enable the users to upload and even share images and for that they have to essentially call the API to access that service. Currently used by about 300,000 users, the company is also trying to empower the titanium mobile development to reach their end users and offer them native, mobile web and hybrid applications from a single platform.