BeeUX: usability testing tool

BeeUX Team
February 27, 2013

BeeUX allows you to quickly test the usability of your website by utilizing its great potential to prepare the tests. To name just few options: adding survey questions; automation of the invitation process and support for dynamic web pages.

BeeUX is a powerful tool allowing users to perform remote usability testing of their websites and web-based applications. You can use it to conduct usability testing, such as remote task, preference test or questionnaire (to name few).
We do not do this, however, in the same manner as the known applications - we offer you the option to customize the tests to be in line with either the business strategy or the researcher’s requirements.  The main differentiators include test called "remote task", where you can add survey questions dependent on the outcome of the task (i.e. question branching). You can also define the invitation methods and target groups.

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