AJAX and PHP: Building Modern Web Applications 2nd Edition book and eBook

Cristian Darie, Bogdan Brinzarea, Audra Hendrix
December 16, 2009

AJAX enables interactive interfaces that can replace traditional user interfaces. Enhance the user experience of your PHP website using AJAX with this practical and friendly tutorial! This book is the most efficient resource you can get to enter the exciting world of AJAX with PHP. Based on numerous examples and detailed case studies, this AJAX with PHP tutorial will build your foundation knowledge for creating faster, better web applications.

Detailed description
The best AJAX tutorial for PHP developers has been completely rewritten to be your friendly guide to modern Web 2.0 development techniques! AJAX and PHP: Building Modern Web Applications, 2nd Edition covers every significant aspect of creating and maintaining AJAX and PHP applications.

This book will teach you how to use PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and jQuery to build modern, responsive web applications. After building a strong foundation, the book will walk you through numerous real-world case studies covering techniques you’ll be likely to need for your own applications:

    Learn how to write unobtrusive, degradable, portable, SEO-friendly AJAX code
    Understand the object-oriented model of JavaScript and JSON
    Learn how to use the jQuery JavaScript library by going through two complete case studies
    Debug your AJAX and PHP code using modern tools
    Assess the security implications of writing AJAX code and avoid security risks such as cross-site scripting
    Learn advanced AJAX and PHP patterns and techniques such as predictive fetching, progress indicator, graceful degradation, cross-domain calls, and more
    Understand the complete client-server mechanism by going through complete, step-by-step case studies, including AJAX Form Validation, and AJAX Online Chat and AJAX Editable DataGrid with jQuery

Build modern Web 2.0 Applications with JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and jQuery with this practical AJAX tutorial featuring detailed case studies.

What you will learn from this book :


    Create faster, lighter, better web applications by using the AJAX technologies to their full potential
    Learn to use PHP and MySQL on the server, and Javascript and jQuery on the client, to build real-world AJAX applications
    Combine client-side and server-side functionality to enhance the user experience of your site using AJAX
    Learn to simulate private, instance, and static class members in JavaScript
    Build an AJAX-enabled form validation page, which is safe to work even if the client doesn't support JavaScript and AJAX


This book is a step-by-step, example-driven AJAX tutorial, featuring complete case studies. Each chapter contains a friendly mix of theory and practice, so that your journey through the book will be pleasant, yet efficient. You’ll be coding your first AJAX application at the end of the first chapter, and with each new chapter you’ll develop increasingly complex AJAX applications featuring advanced techniques and coding patterns.

Who this book is written for

AJAX and PHP: Building Modern Web Applications, 2nd Edition, is written for PHP developers who:

    Want to learn how to use PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and jQuery to implement Web 2.0 applications
    Are looking for a step-by-step, example-driven AJAX tutorial
    Want to learn advanced AJAX coding patterns and techniques and be able to assess the security and SEO implications of their code