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July 17, 2012

HTML CSS Essentials & Mastery: Refining Skills From Design To Code


A real-world, skills-based workshop for Designers, Developers, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and those looking to improve their coding knowledge and skills, this two-day workshop focuses on HTML5 and CSS3 theory, methodology, and practical application for functional prototypes to full out website designs. If you feel your ability to code websites using current languages (like HTML5 and CSS3) is lacking or weaker than it should be, this course is for you.

This course is taught by Michael Connors, veteran Designer & Instructor at Boston University’s CDIA program. For more information on Michael’s professional credentials and experience, click here

On day one of the course, Michael Connors will review the evolution of HTML CSS and shed new light on core concepts that you may have missed before.  You’ll learn new skills and techniques for coding accurately and effectively, review common problems and best practice solutions, and build core strategies for self-sufficient problem solving in real-world circumstances. 

On day two of the lab, you’ll participate in a hands-on workshop where you apply the new information you’ve learned to design and code your own functional wireframe.  You’ll be encouraged to bring current projects you’re working on to apply your new methods & knowledge, with Michael on-call to help you work through any obstacles and provide answers to your questions.

Michael Connors is a great resources to for all things design & code, and as a student of this workshop, you gain access to his arsenal of knowledge and experience-- what design programs are most recently available, and which are the best for your design/coding style? How do you design and code a responsive website?  How can your current knowledge of HTML5 CSS3 help you prepare for the next generation of technologies like HTML6 CSS4? This lab offers a unique opportunity to get individual attention from an expert Instructor and practicing Designer, to get all of your questions answered (such as the above,) and fill in the gaps to finally master HTML5 and CSS3.

**Labs are capped at a maximum of 12-15 people to ensure individual attention.


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July 17, 2012


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