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July 27, 2012

Designing Revenue: UI/UX Training For Founders, Investors, & Executives


Whether you are playing a hands-on role in a web venture or have influence over how a business is being run, it's crucial for decision-makers to understand how deeply design can impact web-based businesses. This half-day course for VCs, Angels, Executives, Investors, Entrepreneurs, & Founders, provides the essential tools for Decision-Makers to direct and oversee a well-executed UI/UX design plan.

Richard Banfield, CEO & Co Founder of leading UX/UI firm, Fresh Tilled Soil, will teach you everything from basic best practice design rules to in-depth analysis of real case studies where UX/UI interations have powerfully directed user behavior. Learn how to take an idea from concept to launch, and understand user psychology to craft user-centric interfaces that connect with your audience both functionally and emotionally.

You'll do this by learning skills like how to iterate and improve on existing designs, architect the user experience, and exact details that can impact design ROI. Attendees will learn best strategy UX/UI design for business to drive revenue, increase user engagement, and strengthen brand loyalty.

Register for the event & read full details including course schedule and description on the Fresh Tilled Soil Labs Designing Revenue event page.


Fresh Tilled Soil Boston Offices
250 Northern Ave Liberty Wharf, 4th fl
02210 Boston, Massachusetts
United States


July 27, 2012


Fresh Tilled Soil Labs



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