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September 11, 2013

AnswerLab Webcast: How To Respond To Responsive Design


Join us for an AnswerLab Webcast
How to Respond to Responsive Design


How do you deliver a quality user experience when your users are accessing your site from a seemingly endless variation of web-enabled devices?

In a world of ever-increasing choice of digital access points, providing a consistent user experience can be daunting.  Mobile devices are not only overtaking desktops, they are multiplying at an amazing rate and in endless variations of size and shape. Is your web presence ready?

As new device types continue to emerge, it is increasingly necessary to adopt user-friendly and future-friendly strategies that support a full range of user contexts. Join us as AnswerLab Principal UX Researcher John Cheng presents a LIVE webcast explaining responsive design, its impact on user experience, and what it may mean for you and your users.

Attendees of this session will:

Learn the pros and cons of responsive design
Understand the alternatives to responsive design and get recommendations for when to use each approach
Get responsive design best practices and know the pitfalls to avoid
Find out how to test the user experience of your responsive design



Event Details:

September 11, 2013

10:30-11:30am Pacific
(1:30 pm Eastern)



 Presenter: John Cheng

John Cheng is a Principal UX Researcher at AnswerLab. He has nearly a decade of research experience and specializes in qualitative user research methods, such as traditional lab testing, IDIs, and ethnography. He has worked extensively with clients in a range of industries and platforms, including online retail, mobile/tablet, financial services, biotech, automotive, and social media and gaming.  Prior to joining AnswerLab, he was a Senior User Experience Researcher at PayPal and a Senior Market Research Manager at eBay.  John has a B.S. in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in HCI from Stanford.




Virtual Event - WebEx
United States


September 11, 2013





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