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August 18, 2012

1. UX Camp Hamburg to be held on 18 August



It started with a kiss tweet


Living in Hamburg, why should you have to go to Berlin or even London to attend a UX Camp when one of Germany’s largest User Experience communities is based in the Elbe metropolis? It was this discussion on Twitter late last year that gave birth to the idea of holding the first UX Camp Hamburg. Fast forward nine months and tweet turns to reality: On 18 August the first User Experience Camp Hamburg will take place on the premises of location sponsor SinnerSchrader.
Three meeting rooms and two tents will host talks and discussions on the many aspects of User Experience. Which ones exactly will be decided by the roughly 120 participants. The free of charge event is organised in Barcamp style. Meaning the topics to be discussed will be defined in a collaborative effort amongst the attendees at the beginning of the one day UX Camp starting at 09:00 a.m.
Complementing the professional discussions, breaks and post-session afterglow will provide room for the more personal activities of networking and chatter. Catering and lawn at hand, food or even the weather might serve as topics - next to the best possible user experiences of course.
Registration to the first UX Camp Hamburg will open in the beginning of August. For more information visit the camp website at www.uxcamphh.de, sign up for the camp newsletter, submit a session proposal, or raise your hand to volunteer or as a sponsor.

As a note to English natives: While the audience will most likely be able to follow a talk you give in English, you should be prepared to hear some in German.

User Experience. It’s in the end result, stupid.
Or to keep at it with Hot Chocolate: I never thought We always knew it would come to this.


Völckersstrasse 38


August 18, 2012


UX Camp Hamburg



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