Drew Hendricks's picture
Blogpros, CMO
Tory Paez's picture
Peace Corps, Economic Development Volunteer
Zack D's picture
Autodesk, Inc., Software Engineer
Egan Schulz's picture
Samepage, VP of Product & Design
Bronwyn Larsen's picture
FCV Interactive, Researcher
Sarah Martin's picture
Naval Postgraduate School, UX Researcher & Consultant
Preston Pierce's picture
Logo Ping, Creative Head & Blogger
David Rhyne's picture
3Pillar Global, Lead User Experience Designer
Jake Cohn's picture
And Chill, Founder & CEO
Dmitri Khanine's picture
ECM Solutions, User Researcher and Interaction Designer
Chase Buckley's picture
Stealth Startup, UX Unicorn / UX Evangelist / Design Lead
Tatyana Khamdamova's picture
Blue Fountain Media, Director of Design
Jason Goodhand's picture
Veryday, Product Strategist
Sean B. Walter's picture
Cybric, Founder & Chief Design Officer
Lucy Barret's picture
HireWPGeeks Ltd., Sr. WordPress Developer
Heather Daggett's picture
Intuit, Senior Experience Design Prototyper
Rosie Allabarton's picture
CareerFoundry, Blog Editor
Jennifer Aldrich's picture
InVision, UX & Content Strategist
Arthur Moan's picture
UserZoom Limited, Managing Director UK
Chad Otis's picture
Smashing Ideas, Executive Creative Director
Jaron Rubenstein's picture
Rubenstein Technology Group, Founder & President
Q Manning's picture
Rocksauce Studios, CEO
Rob Tannen's picture
Intuitive, Senior Director
Jaykishan Panchal's picture
MoveoApps, Content Marketing Strategist
Rashaud Brooks's picture
ChannelNet, UX/UI Director
Ania Rodriguez's picture
Key Lime Interactive, CEO & Founder
Alex Asianov's picture
DOOR3, Founder & President, Enterprise Services
Gigi Peccolo | UX Magazine's picture
UX Magazine, Associate Editor
Ara J. Berberian's picture
SapientNitro, UX Designer
Serhiy Baryshniev's picture
SoftServe, Inc, User Experience Consultant