Aakash Dharmadhikari's picture
RubyMonk, Product Owner
Anu Ramaswamy's picture
RubyMonk, Director of Customer Experience
James Chudley's picture
cxpartners, UX Director
Cory Lebson's picture
Lebsontech LLC, Principal User Experience Consultant
Didus's picture
Staffing & Career Development for User-Centered Professionals
Ann Charng's picture
Citrix Customer Experience, User Researcher
Quynh Nguyen's picture
Citrix Customer Experience, User Research Manager
Jenny Shirey's picture
Citrix, Product Designer
Paul Brooks's picture
PRGX Inc., Global UX Design Authority
Joseph Dickerson's picture
Microsoft, User Experience Lead
Kyle Murphy's picture
Hudl, Vice President of User Experience
Stephen Powers's picture
Forrester Research, Vice President, Research Director
Clive Howard's picture
Howard Baines, Partner
Matthew Fiore's picture
Siteworx, Senior Experience Architect
Jay Selway's picture
RP3 Agency, Director of Experience Design
Andrew Wagner's picture
Chronos Interactive and Learn Brigade, LLC, Mobile Software Developer and Consultant
John Caldwell's picture
Intuit, Principal Editor
Markus Smet's picture
Spreadshirt AG, VP Products and Brand
Kyra Edeker's picture
projekt202, Principal UX Designer
Joe Macleod's picture
Closure Experiences, Author, Founder, Designer
Marc Miquel's picture
Dark Patterns, Curator
Greg Zapar's picture
Tenfold Social, COO
Nir Eyal's picture, Writer
Ambrose Little's picture
Infragistics, Principal Design Technologist
Joanna Proulx's picture
Mobiquity, Senior Experience Architect