Dallas Sargent | Design for Experience's picture
Design for Experience, Project Manager
Skyhook Wireless's picture
Worldwide leader in location, Skyhook Wireless
Allegra Burnette's picture
Forrester Research, Principal Analyst
Dirk Knemeyer's picture
Involution Studios, Founder and Chairman
Gonçalo Veiga's picture
OutSystems, Expert Services Manager
Bona Kim's picture
Smule, Lead Product Designer
Seung Chan Lim's picture
Realizing Empathy, Executive Coach / Principal Meta-Designer
Stephanie Gioia's picture
XPLANE, Director of Consulting
Mithun Sridharan's picture
Blue Ocean Solutions, Managing Director
Jason Gillard's picture
Media Contour, Writer
Peter Morville's picture
Semantic Studios, Founder and President
Will Hacker's picture, Manager of Interaction
Corey Stern's picture
The Nerdery, User Experience Designer
Poornima Vijayashanker's picture
Femgineer, Founder
Chris Bank's picture
UXPin, Growth Lead
Rich Berkman's picture
IBM Interactive Experience, Associate Partner