Ather Nawaz's picture
Ørsted, Senior UX Consultant
Will Chidlow's picture
Liquid Light UK, Senior Designer
Brielle Nickoloff's picture
Botmock, Product Manager
Santiago Semino's picture
Agoric, Marketing Manager
Priya Dialani's picture
Les Fleurs, Founder
Linus Ekenstam's picture
Thingtesting, Product & Design
Abhishek Chakraborty's picture
LoveLocal, Head of Design
Kristina Arezina's picture
Botmock Canada, Software Developer
Catherine Chambers's picture
Freelance, Digital learning consultant
Tyler Roberts's picture
Bentley University User Experience Center, Design Research Associate
David Hildebrand's picture
Lyft, Product Designer
Gen Ariella's picture
Designlab, Student
Seda Manucharyan's picture
Freelance, UX/UI Designer
Taras Bakusevych's picture
Windmill Smart Solutions, UX Designer
Westley Knight's picture
Westley Knight Ltd , User Experience Designer
Tatiana Gutierrez's picture
UX Mag, Author
Tiffany Goh's picture
SoundPrint, UX Designer
Rounak Bose's picture
Cookytech, Creative Director
Carlos Yllobre's picture
Writty, Product Design Lead and Creator
Chris Kiess's picture
UX Mag, Author
Michelle Nguyen's picture
HubSpot, UX Researcher
Laura Klein's picture
Users Know, Principal
Joel Lipton's picture
Tigo Energy, UX Designer
Eva Schicker's picture
Freelance, UX Designer & Art Creative Director
Loe Lee's picture
HubSpot, Design Manager
Shane Allen's picture
Facebook, Senior Product Designer
Kathya Sarria's picture
UX Mag, Author
Anirudh Chandana's picture
Ardee Hi Tech Pvt Ltd, Design Engineer
Danny McCabe's picture
National Australia Bank, UX lead