Joanna Lewis's picture
Objective Digital, UX Designer
Konstantinos Drachtidis's picture
SAP AG, UX Designer
Danny Bluestone's picture
Cyber-Duck, CEO & Founder
Mike Maass's picture
Citrix , Managing Editor
Valentina Ferrari's picture
UX Designer
Christina Seong's picture
Interaction Designer
Doug Klein's picture
Rosetta, Vice President
Dan Turner's picture
Interaction Designer and UX Researcher
Kate Kiefer Lee's picture
MailChimp, Content Curator
Hilary Little's picture
Hilary Little Ideation & Design, Senior User Experience Designer
Shlomo Goltz's picture
Hearsay Social, Interaction Designer
Olga Khroustaleva's picture
YouTube, Head of User Research
Tom Broxton's picture
YouTube, User Experience Lead for Monetization and Devices
Nick Snyder's picture
Mad*Pow, Creative Technologist
Emma Reeves's picture
Senior Consultant, Different
Anastasios Karafillis's picture
Freelance User Interface Designer
Ben Fullerton's picture
Method, Director of Interaction Design
Steve Tengler's picture
Altia, Inc., User Experience Director
Koen AT Claes's picture
UX / Interaction Designer
Livia Veneziano's picture
Method, Senior Interaction Designer
Yvonne So's picture
Fjord, UX/ Interaction Designer
Josh Tyson | UX Magazine's picture
UX Magazine, Editor-at-Large
David Sachs's picture
Ci&T, UX Expert
Eric Socolofsky's picture
Exploratorium, Exhibit Developer
Alexis Conomos's picture
Objective Digital, UX Consultant / Psychologist
Scott Plewes's picture
Macadamian, Vice President of User Experience