Greg Vert's picture
Deloitte, Senior Manager
Anna Voshkarina's picture
Scentbird, Lead Designer
Michal Kessel Shitrit's picture
MKS Language + Design, Localization Strategy Consultant
Rachit Manchanda's picture
onTribe, Founder/CEO
Caroline Sinders's picture
Convocation Design+Research, Principal Designer and Founder
Matt Lillis's picture
General Assembly, UX Designer | Graphic Designer | Artist
Olga Kimalana's picture
eCOM360 conference, Senior Conversion Strategist
Yaron Cohen's picture
LANDR Audio Inc., User and UX Researcher | Digital Strategist | OMCP
Katie Richmond's picture
Designlab, UX Academy Student
Jair Ribeiro's picture
AI & ML, Senior Artificial Intelligence Business Analyst
Attila Somos's picture
inSided, Product Designer
Oliver Pitsch's picture
Trusted Shops, Head of UX & QA
Jeff Link's picture
Built In, Staff Reporter
MacKenzie Legg's picture
Directors Mortgage, Art Director
Dana Kachan's picture
Fireart Studio, Digital PR & Content Manager
Frederik Goossens's picture
HSBC, Global Design Manager
Andreas Fachner's picture
MetaDesign, Director Brand Strategy
Andrew Coyle's picture
NextUX, Founder
Ash Jurberg's picture
Alliance Abroad Group, Freelance Writer. Director
Dorian Martin's picture
Freelancer, Professional writer and blogger
Mike Wittenstein's picture
Storyminers, CEO
Dzhannet Kashurnikova's picture
Innovation Culture LLC, Partner
Veronica Krieg's picture
Sharpen, Senior Content Writer
Konrad Jarocinski's picture
Netguru, R&D Manager
Anthony Miller's picture
millermedia7, Founder and CEO
Lisa Palmer's picture
Splunk, Chief Technical Advisor
Nick Babich's picture
RingCentral, Automation Lead / Manager
Sara Coene's picture
Soulcenter, User Adoption & Behavioral Change Designer - Expert in Residence
Simon Heather's picture
IDEO, Director
Lyssa Test's picture
Contentsquare, Sr. Content Marketer