Frances Miller's picture
Objective Digital, Senior UX Consultant
Jordan Julien's picture
Independent Consultant
Chris Goward's picture
WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization, Founder and CEO
Joe Doveton's picture
Oban Multilingual, Head of Client Services and MVT Expert
John Ekman's picture
Conversionista!, CEO
Marcin Treder's picture
UXPin, CEO, UX Manager
Avi Itzkovitch's picture
XG Media, UI/UX Designer (Freelance)
Christopher Detzi's picture
EightShapes, Director, User Experience Design
Ari Weissman's picture
Different Solutions, Senior Experience Architect
Astrid Chow's picture
Roundarch Isobar, Senior User Experience Designer
Jeroen Wijering's picture
JW Player, Creator
Andreas Wulf's picture
Wulfsoft, Owner
James Kelway's picture
Hello Group, UX Director
Jesse Thomas's picture
JESS3, Founder, CEO
Paul Hagen's picture
Forrester Research , Principal Analyst
Austin Brown's picture
MapQuest, Product Manager | Android
Amy Cueva's picture
Mad*Pow, Founder
Steve Portigal's picture
Portigal Consulting, Principal
Kristin Zibell's picture
User Experience Strategist
Toby Boudreaux's picture
The Control Group, Partner & CTO
Nathan Hendricks's picture
LPK, Chief Creative Officer
Colleen Roller's picture
Bank of America, Vice President, Usability Engineer / Decision Architect
Ron George's picture
Vacation, Experience Architect
Brian Sullivan's picture
Sabre, Usability Principal
Gail Swanson's picture
SapientNitro, Associate Creative Director - Experience Design
Jason Gerard Clauss's picture, Founder