Gayna Williams's picture
UX Careers Unlimited, Co-Founder
Michael Montecuollo's picture
DOOR3, Director of User Experience
Jonny Rowntree's picture
Elanders UK, Freelance Writer
Tammy Everts's picture
Radware, Performance Evangelist
Sarah Bloomer's picture
Sarah Bloomer & Co, UX Designer and Coach
John McKinney's picture
Ashe Avenue, CEO
Mary Jean Babic's picture
Rosenfeld Media, Marketing Associate
Zack Rutherford's picture
TemplateMonster, Freelance Copywriter
Dan Saffer's picture
Smart Design, Creative Director
Aga Bojko's picture
GfK Custom Research North America, VP of User Experience
Drew Davidson's picture
ÄKTA, Vice President of Design
Shilpi Choudhury's picture
Lemonade in Summer, Co-Founder & Chief Storyteller
Ahava Leibtag's picture
Aha Media Group, LLC, Principal and Owner
Frank Guo's picture
UX Strategized LLC, Principal
Nick Shim's picture
Sago Sago Toys, Design and develop digital toys for kids
Lorraine Chapman's picture
Macadamian, Director of Healthcare User Experience
Scott Dickie's picture
Accenture, Team Manager, UX Strategist
John Boykin's picture
Applegate LLC, Senior User Experience Architect & Researcher
World Usability Day's picture
World Usability Day, World Usability Day
Zahid Jiwa's picture
OutSystems, Vice President of Sales
Amber DeRosa's picture
Senior Usability Engineer
Alessandro Fard's picture
lynda, Senior UX Designer