Mary Still's picture
San José State University, Cognitive Psychologist
Jeremiah Still's picture
Old Dominion University, Assistant Professor
Marc Cajolet's picture
Kronos Incorporated , UX Strategist
Doug Hopkins's picture
Isobar, User Experience Director
Jonathan Courtney's picture
Freelance, Product Strategist
Chad Vavra's picture
Rosetta, User Experience Director
Pallavi Sharma's picture
Intel, UX & Performance Product Strategy & Execution - Business Management Group
William Deng's picture
Conde Nast Commerce, User Experience Geek
Will Towler's picture
Freelance, Consultant
Lin Wang's picture
Tradecraft, Product Designer
Zack Naylor's picture
Aurelius, co-founder, CEO
Meike Mak's picture
User Intelligence, User Researcher
Saskia Schippers's picture
User Intelligence, UX Consultant
Mick McGee's picture
EchoUser, CEO
Chris Thelwell's picture
Envato, Head of UX and Design
Brent Summers's picture
Digital Telepathy, Marketing Strategist
Tony Albanese's picture
Freelance, Writer
Alon Even's picture
Appsee, VP Marketing
Adaptive Path's picture
Adaptive Path, Consultancy
Nikki Knox's picture
Cooper, Design Education Strategist
Rick Parrish's picture
Forrester Research, Senior Analyst
Mike Bulajewski's picture
Freelance, UX Designer
Russell Bongard's picture
MKTG INC, Associate Creative Director
Jeroen Wijering's picture
JW Player, Founder
Scott Hutcheson's picture
Paramore | The Digital Agency, Director of Content Strategy