Lance Christmann's picture, Head of Experience Design
Masha Shaposhnikova's picture
LogicManager, Product Designer/Developer
Josh Tyson's picture
UX Mag, Author
Marquise Stillwell's picture
Openbox, Founder
Katie O’ Connor's picture
Freelance, UX Design Graduate
Joe Martin's picture
Martin Creative, Founder
Chyna Smith's picture
Boeing, UX and Product Designer
Maria Shaposhnikova's picture
LogicManager, Designer
Omri Nir's picture
HP, Interaction Designer
Jeremy Hamann's picture
Flatiron, Product Designer
Julia Kornmann's picture
Ironhack, Business Development Manager
Allie Jehle's picture
IBM, Product Designer
Nikita Chandawale's picture
Flipkart, User Experience Researcher
Julie Zhuo's picture
UX Mag, Author
Selene Vitela's picture
UX Mag, Author
Karthikeyan Malaisamy's picture
Microsoft, Product Manager
Kashish Masood's picture
UX Research/Strategy, UX Researcher/Strategist
Matt Isherwood's picture
Mattish Design Limited, UX Design Consultant
Andy Budd's picture
Clearleft Ltd, Founder
Meghan Wenzel's picture
15Five, Senior UX Researcher
Mitch Mills's picture
Hiilite, User Experience Designer
Abhishek Umrao's picture
Bayzat, Product Designer
Tim de Sousa's picture
Westpac, Executive Manager - Privacy at Westpac
TJ Harrop's picture
NSW Department of Customer Service, Strategic / Service Design for Digital Transformation
Christian Jensen's picture
SimpleSite, Design Team Lead
Alistair McCarten's picture
University of Ottawa, Pursuing BASc in Electrical Engineering and Computing Technology (Computer Science)
Adriana Valdez Young's picture
Openbox, Urban Design Strategist
Esther Pomerantz's picture
Echo Me Forward, User Experience Designer
Vicky Gao's picture
LinkedIn, Designer
Marcus Taylor's picture
Taylor/Thomas, Director