Although we’re still a little unsure just how to leverage a Google+ page, we’ve created one for UX Magazine.

We do know for certain that this is another avenue for enjoying our free, quality content, and we update it every time we post a new article.

Getting into people’s circles seems to be the name of the game here, and we plan on using Google+ as another device for our ultimate domination of the world. At the very least it should help us grow our readership and strengthen the conversations we’re having surrounding user-centered design, research, and academia.

So please, add us to your circles. Also, if you have ideas for ways we can be using Google+ more effectively or efficiently, we are all ears.


@Petar, thanks so much for the advice and the words of encouragement. We're trying to get better about making it easier to engage with our content... all guidance and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

In case you were unaware, you're already a pretty big deal on Google + (aside from everywhere else I mean).

If you check out the UX Communities (e.g. UX & UI Design), nearly every third post is a link / discussion about articles found here. I highly recommend you engage the Communities, tag authors (bring them into the conversation), and if a particular topic gets significant traction plan Events and Hangouts.

Additionally, you can discuss articles posted with authors, upcoming talks at conferences etc. (SpoolCast style) through Hangouts and invite others to participate.

Lastly, your content is hands down the best - but it's somewhat difficult to engage with, I sincerely hope this new channel fixes that.

Finally! More and more sites enters the Google+ arena. If used well, one doesn't need an RSS Reader anymore. Only Google+ :)