Good morning everyone and thank you for coming today.

Today is a big day in the evolution of blogs as a communication tool for every business in the world. Ironically, today I am here to announce the death of Blogs. (Pause for gasp.)

It’s the word “Blog” that has become the problem. It has got to go. Basically, as a word, well, it sucks. (Pause for gasp.) It has caused CEO’s and business owners to avoid embracing the medium by a clear majority. Too early in the life of the word “Blog” it became synonymous with people writing about the consistency of their morning oatmeal. Later, big media pushed it into the news as a place where people voice their political rants.

What’s worse, “I have a blog. Do you blog?” has become the conversational equivalent of “I went to Harvard, where did you go?” If we want all businesses to truly embrace the power of this important evolution of marketing and market interaction, we need to give it a name that allows businesses to easily embrace it.

From here forward, blogs will now be called (dramatic pause, scan the audience with your eyes to pull their attention in) ... living websites.

Now, I’ll bet you are thinking “I didn’t know my web site was dead”. Well, it is. I am sorry. Take a day, mourn, and then you must move on. Your web site would want this for you.

It didn’t really promote your purpose, it didn’t let people in on your passion, it didn’t make them want to come back and see what else your company had to say and it didn’t allow you to continually tell the ever changing story that is your business. Now, that sounds dead to me. Dead doesn’t sell well.

If your business is alive then why would your web site not be the same?

The question every business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, etc… has to ask themselves is now a simple one. Do I want a web site that is alive or one that is dead? That is much easier to answer.

Now the conversation is simple: “My web site is alive, is yours?” Their answer, “Hmmm, I am not sure. But alive sounds much better to me than dead. How do I make my web site alive?”

Much better and far more exciting.

So, in summation, I say to all of you (pound podium for emphasis) go back to your place of business with a new mission: let your website live!

Thank you.