If you're in or near Austin, Texas, we recommend you check this out:


Practice user experience and interaction design with your peers
 Design practice, January 4th, 7pm, Genuine Joe Coffeehouse
 Are you a UX, IA, UI, IxD, usability, visual or other sort of designer in Austin, TX? Come out for a design practice workshop on January 4th, from 7–9pm, at Genuine Joe Coffeehouse (it’s on Anderson Lane near the Alamo Drafthouse Village). We’ll be doing the brainstorming practice exercise. Come a little early to get settled and get some coffee or a snack so we can start on time. I’ll be there at 6:30pm to set up if you’d like to introduce yourself or discuss the meeting itself. Paper, markers and other materials will be provided.

Check out the event website for more details.