It’s been quite a while since the last time I bought a printer. Besides it’s not something you do every day. So I found my way to the local computer shop and picked up my brand spanking new printer.

It’s one of those extremely high tech printers, with a color LCD display, very-very high resolution, direct camera printing… Hell, it even has a built-in card reader so I don’t need a computer. The printer shipped with a few high quality photo paper sheets, two ink cartridges for high resolution photographic printing… BUT NO CABLE .

Saving €2 destroyed user experience

OK, I know printers usually don’t come with cables in the box, so I bought an extra cable at the shop. But that’s me. I bet there are plenty of consumers out there rushing home to try out there new printer as we speak, only to find that they have to return to the shop to pay an extra small amount for the cable.

Saving €2 destroyed user experience. For two lousy Euros, companies are being dragged to the pits by angry & furious computer owners around the world.

By leaving out a €2 cable do they cut costs? Is it because there are so many types of computers, supporting a number of different cables?

I think not. In fact I have no idea why they leave it out. I’ve purchased a number of products in the past months: all shipped with their cables . In fact they all came with two or three cables depending on the device. Namely, my iPod had USB & Fire Wire cables, where my CyberShot had USB, S-Video & analog connectors.

Could anyone explain why HP sacrifices user experience just when it should reach its climax?