Whitepaper on the spirit of ‘cooperative competition’, with a focus on the British banking industry.
Towards Effective Decision-Making Through Data Visualization: Six World-Class Enterprises Show The Way  
Report from Siteworx, LLC analyzes mobile user preferences during the 2013 holiday shopping season.
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This paper highlights how design is playing a strategic role in improving bottom lines.
This white paper highlights how by adding powerful information dashboards, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are creating a competitive advantage for themselves. 
Dashboard design trends and a showcase of some of the industry's best digital products that have incorporated them.
We've been maintaining two versions of the same product for 11 months. We’ve managed to convert 66% of our customers to the new product.
Gamification Model Canvas is an agile, flexible and systematic tool created by Sergio Jiménez, to help find and evaluate solutions based on game design and to ultimately develop behaviors in non-game environments.
Ten Inbox Secrets, how eye tracking helps you to create more successful emails is a study of over 50 emails from 8 market sectors.
Discover the Five Steps to a Successful Conversion Optimization Strategy that delivers dramatic lift in leads, sales and revenue.
This white paper will teach you about synchronous legacy, limitations of asynchronous loading and explains the solution to the problem supported by research in accelerated synchonous tag loading.
If you see the value of user testing early, but you don't have the time or budget to hire outside consultants, this white paper shows you how you can test on your own to get insights you need to succeed.
This white paper addresses the key best practices that will help your team write web copy that gets read and inspires action.
This white paper offers public sector leaders a vision for the future of government online as they evaluate and embrace the Internet to improve services and operations.
This paper gives the 10 best practices for web analytics. It includes an extensive resource list, with useful books, software vendors, events, blogs, websites, professional associations and educational programs.
This guide provides a list of books, key research, conferences, websites, blogs, periodicals and professional associations for resources regarding best practices for building intranets.
A well-designed intranet does more than store documents and publish company news. It galvanizes your organization, enhances profitability and provides you with a powerful competitive advantage.