2-5 Years

User Experience Research Consultant

Do you deliver just research, or do you help deliver solutions? For us, research is often just the beginning. This is a varied and challenging role for a mid-level UX-er, probably with at least three years commercial or public sector experience. This is a broad and stimulating research role that requires much more than just doing usability testing. If you are interested purely in UX, this might not be the role for you.

Visual Designer

Product Design works to transform our high-quality data and independent research into well-designed products that delight our clients. It includes user researchers, user experience designers, visual designers, and print designers who collaborate to serve product and information design needs across the company. The team works globally to make sure our products deliver a consistently outstanding experience.

UX Designer

Morningstar is building software that users love. We are passionate about helping our customers improve their lives through better investing, budgeting, saving, and debt management decisions. We reach millions of investors around the world directly through our consumer products or indirectly through our professional products and services. We strive to create software that is easy to use, beautiful, intuitive, and the best in our industry.
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