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At Revolv, we thrive on great coffee, cool smart home technology, inspired design, and our team’s ability to tackle difficult problems with creative solutions.   Imagine pulling in to your driveway and having your home welcome you seamlessly without touching a button or flipping a switch.  Your garage door opens automatically, the lights turn on, and you walk into a warm house with your favorite music playing in the background and dinner on the table.  We're not just imagining it, we've done it (ok, not the dinner part yet), and if you're already thinking about how you'd push the boundaries to create a unique user experience, we want you on our team.

About you:

You’re very comfortable working with other designers and believe that brainstorming and collaboration are key to successful design. You’ve been through the trenches of tough critiques and conflicting opinions and find value in them. Iteration? Of course. User testing? Yes. You live to be creative and are constantly thinking of new and inspired ways to engage and interact with customers. You are a problem solver. You start by focusing on the user and what they need.  You use whatever tools you have at hand (interviews, surveys, user testing) to better understand the person using your products. You can take your ideas and translate them to wireframes, prototypes, and if necessary, full blown designs. And finally, you thrive working in an environment that is super fun (with no shortage of witty banter and (modified) Nerf guns), but is at the same time uber-focused and hardworking.

We love to work with smart people who are constantly curious, love to play, have a strong sense of ownership, and are customer obsessed.  If this sounds like you, apply now!

User Experience (UX) Designer Skills/Experience:

  • Experience in a highly collaborative environment
  • Experience implementing efficient processes from brainstorming to asset delivery
  • Experience working in a UX designer capacity  – e.g. you’ve been responsible for a product or service and make decisions on how it worked, had to say “yes” or “no” based on what you thought was important to the consumer
  • Experience with sketching, wireframing and prototyping – you’re able to put ideas on paper really fast
  • Experience doing user interviews and surveys, and analyzing the data you gather.
  • Design skill and ability (e.g. you have a portfolio of work that demonstrates a strong sense of UX)
  • If you are strong at UI: bonus
  • Ability to effectively communicate and simplify complicated ideas (we take the complex and make it simple. It’s kind of our motto)

What you will be doing:

  • Be a key member of the growing Revolv design team
  • Concept and develop new and engaging experiences for Revolv customers
  • Work with developers and key stakeholders to brainstorm and identify opportunities to better serve or delight our users
  • Develop mockups and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas
  • Work with our UI designer to create assets that are easily translatable by our development teams
  • Tight collaboration with developers and other designers to create real solutions to real problems, not just what people are asking for
  • Measure and analyze user experience research (e.g. surveys, case studies, etc.) and testing to validate designs, get user feedback and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience
  • Gauge the usability of new and existing products and making constructive suggestions for change

Interested?  Apply now.  If you are still not convinced, read on! We have lots to offer you!


A great salary and a creative environment are not all that we have to offer. Every team member receives full healthcare benefits (for you and your entire family), a 401K plan, unlimited vacation (yes, we believe only you know when you need a break and how long it needs to last), free EcoPass and parking benefits, work schedules that are your own to specify, leaders who understand you want to master your craft with as much autonomy as you want, company meals on Fridays.

But wait… there’s more. Everyone who works here can opt in to a “smart home for the masses” with up to 5 smart devices Revolv solution.

And, in case that’s not the awesomest thing ever, there’s more! We are located in downtown Boulder, Colorado. For those of you who live in/near Boulder you’ll know it to be America’s happiest town, fittest town, foodiest (yes, that’s a word – in our minds) town filled with more than 300 days of sunshine, bike paths that transport you all around town and running/biking paths that are a few blocks from the office for the morning, noon or evening fun. As a member of the Pacific 12 conference, you’ll get to watch the University of Colorado compete at the highest levels of collegiate athletics if that’s your gig. Or, if you like Shakespeare and the Symphony, outdoor summer venues are amongst the best in the country. If you don’t live in/near Boulder then you’ll also be happy to know that the school systems are among the top in the state, cost of living is accessible, commutes range from the “I can’t believe I just rode my bike 5 minutes to work” to “wow, that 10 minute cross-town traffic was just a bear today” commutes, and we are a short drive (physically) from Denver.

Our offices are just a couple blocks off the famous Pearl Street walking mall, offering great food and after-work fun within walking distance of the office.  What could be better?!