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Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX)

We're looking for experienced IA specialists for a role where that specialization will truly be valued. This company creates and maintains an astonishing number of websites and web applications, each of which is independently growing in complexity from structure, content, and UX perspectives. This IA role is situated in the company's central web team, and partners with stakeholders, visual/UX designers, and engineers to plan and implement improvements to the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of the web properties.

This role is an opportunity to put the full IA toolkit to good use. The IA is involved in the upfront/generative stages of projects, working with stakeholders and other cross-discipline team members to define goals and requirements, devise and implement content strategies, and architect site structure and navigation. The role also involves translating and expressing business, user, IA, interface, and interaction requirements in the form of UX artifacts such as user journeys, scenarios, wireframes, prototypes, etc. As well, this role will be involved in evaluative processes such as user testing and analytics analysis to help plan and implement future improvements.

Because this role interacts with a large number of different web properties and stakeholders, and collaborates with cross-disciplinary teams, excellent communication and project management skills are essential. This role maintains a big-picture perspective and shepherds projects from start to finish, ensuring goals are met, UX quality is achieved, and technical constraints are accounted for.

This role is located in Mountain View (south San Francisco Bay Area). It comes through the company's "contingent worker" program, which means it's initially offered as a temporary employment position for a 6-month term. That said, this is one of those "get your foot in the door" sorts of opportunity at a company that most people would be very excited to get to visit, let alone work for. And the company foresees this role as been a longer-term need, so there's a strong chance the engagement will be extended, and the company can convert the role to a permanent, direct employment position at any time

This role is being represented by Didus, a staffing and career development service focused on user-centered roles in research, design, technology, and strategy. We are not your typical recruiting agency that just wants to sell you on any role that fits your keywords; we work one-on-one with you to find the perfect fit.

  • At least four years (preferably more) of specialized IA experience
  • Expertise across a broader range of UX strategies, tactics, practices, and tools
  • Experience in content strategy at both planning and implementation levels
  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills
  • Ability to communicate complex and abstract concepts clearly and persuasively to both designers and non-designers
  • A strong sense of ownership and ability to keep the big picture in mind to achieve the optimal user-centric intersection between design, technology, business, and content
Portfolio Requirements

A strong, IA- and CS-focused portfolio is critical for this role, both in terms of demonstrating your experience but also in being an example of your ability to communicate effectively using UX design techniques and artifacts. The portfolio should showcase your ability to design and implement IA and CS across complex web properties. An IA portfolio will of course tend to be diagram-heavy, but don't forget to include examples of how you've used high- and low-fidelity prototyping techniques (sketching, wireframes, interactive prototypes, etc.) to communicate ideas and drive progress.