Social Media Marketing for Startups

October 29, 2012

Social Media Marketing for Startups

Dan Martell, Co-Founder of Flowtown Introduction to Social Media Marketing

  • How to use social to launch, position your messaging and get distribution.
  • Foundation: Keywords and Position
    • Take a Guess
    • Deal in High Volume
    • Utilize Tools

Stew Langille, Vice President of Marketing at Creating Engaging Content

  • Creating content in a variety of mediums - writing blog posts, engaging tweets or video/podcast/etc.
  • Content is King
    • Talk about the problem, not about your solution
    • Distribution
    • Engaging blog writing / tweeting
    • Writing great headlines

Laura Lippay, Search and Social Marketing Consultant Improving Your Search Rankings With Social Media

  • A look into how search and social interact with each other
  • Using Search to Own Social
    • Control the Discussion
    • Feed Traffic Back
    • Social Sucess = Search Visibility
    • Writing great headlines

Jeff Widman, Founder of Leveraging Your Audience to Increase Your Reach

  • What makes people want to share? How to make your content shareable - technically and psychologically.
  • Social Means Sharing
    • Make it easy
    • Ask at the right time
  • Social Proof
    • Building Twitter Followers
    • Website
    • Build an Initial List

Jonathan Strauss, Co-Founder of Optimizing and Measuring Your Impact

  • This section is focused on the metrics and analysis side of social.
  • Conversion Metrics
    • Simple URL tracking
  • Social Conversions
    • Word of Click
    • Email to share
    • What should you track?


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