How To Develop & Document Personas &Scenarios

April 23, 2013

How To Develop & Document Personas &Scenarios

I'll teach you how to create UX personas and scenarios. I'll show you how personas and scenarios help you make better design decisions.

You'll learn what data to collect about your target audience, and how to turn that data into a persona. You'll learn how many personas you should have -- how many is enough and how many is too many?

I'll teach you about scenarios, and how these small stories ensure that you design an engaging product.

I'll show you lots of examples of personas and scenarios, and show you how to create them so that you can communicate your ideas to other team members and stakeholders.


If you want to create engaging products then you have to know and document who your audience/users are and how they are going to use your product. Personas (descriptions of your audience/users) and scenarios (short user stories) help you made good design decisions, and help you communicate with others who the target audience is, what they want to do, and what you want them to do. Personas and scenarios are critical building blocks of audience/user research.

Table Of Contents

  • Over 13 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Create personas
  • Create scenarios
  • Decide what data needs to be in a persona
  • Decide on the best way to document the personas
  • Decide on the best way to document the personas
  • Describe how enterprise-wide personas are different from project personas
  • Describe the process for creating enterprise-wide personas
  • Describe how and why to create task analyses
  • Describe how to conduct a collaborative task analysis session


No Of Lectures
No Of Hours
2 hours
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