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If You Replace all the Planks, is it Still the Same Ship? A review of “7 Best Text Effects in Microsoft Word”

Václav Krejčí, creator of the viral video "Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word," has written a book about Word as an instructional design tool.

Branching Out from the Apple Tree: An iOS loyalist considers mobile alternatives

A review of the features and UI elements of the Motorola Moto X and the Nokia Lumia 1020, which give an Apple enthusiast pause for consideration.

Mobile Testing Toolbox: Part 1

A survey of mobile testing tools for moderated usability studies finds products and features that suit many different design needs.

Review: iOS 7 Gives Us Insight Into the Future of Mobility

Leaving skeuomorphic design behind, iOS 7 offers a light and playful experience, perfectly in tune with the content it is designed to support.

Unboxing: Nest

Empathetic design and total attention to detail make the experience of opening and installing a Nest thermostat richly empowering.