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WalkMe - Interactive Online Guidance and Engagement Platform

June 19, 2013

WalkMe™ provides UX managers with an indispensable tool to improve conversion rates, promote new and advanced features, increase long-term user value and reduce attrition and churn.  Leveraging the WalkMe™ interactive self-guidance technology, UX managers can grab the attention of users, and provide a user experience for them that is simple, intuitive and personalized, an experience that increases user satisfaction, loyalty and productivity.


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Through a series of interactive tip balloons overlaid on the screen, tasks are broken down into short, step-by-step guided instructions, which help users act, react and progress during their online experience. As a result, UX managers can feel assured their users will be able to focus on what they want to do on the site, and free from the confusion of how to do them. No more need to click aimlessly, no more frustration leading them to leave the site and never return. Interactive Online Guidance and Engagement Platform