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PowerStory - Create UI Mockups and Use Case Storyboards in Powerpoint.

February 13, 2013
Martin Crisp

The PowerStory PowerPoint plugin is a better way to define your requirements and test cases.

Key Features:

  • Build UI Mockups / Wireframes using PowerPoint and a library over 250 UI Controls
  • Extend the UI Control Library with your own designs and share them with anyone.
  • Helping you organize the main and alternate user interaction flows in your deisgn.
  • Allowing you to start with a use case and transform it into a UI Storyboard.
  • Generating test caes from your finished UI Storyboard for each unique path through the main and alternate flows of your UI/UX design
  • Saving your generated test caes into TFS (and MS Word) and linking them to their corresponding feature, user story or product backlog item.


PowerStory (http://www.power-story.com)




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