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mimix 3D Profile Scanner

November 7, 2011

3D scanning is the process of capturing the 3D geometry, the shape, as well as the colors of an object or scene and converting this into data. Data which can be studied, stored, shared, modified and visualized just like any other graphics data. These technologies and tools facilitate the means to create completely new user experiences. More intuitive and interactive experiences. intricad mimix 3D Profile Scanner is a small application which allows you to use just your screen and webcam to capture basic 3D Impressions of yourself and objects. The 3D impression capture process involves projecting light and dark patterns on your screen. Your Webcam views these as they illuminate your face. The scanning process only takes 2-3 seconds depending on the frame rate of your Webcam. The captured images from your webcam are then compiled to reveal the 3D impression. The merit of this technology resides in its simplicity, independence from the need of special and costly hardware and its ability to capture very high levels of detail provided that lighting conditions are correct. It also provides a preliminary insight, a starting point, into one of the many 3D scanning technologies available. A large and bright PC screen and a HD webcam with decent optics are vital. Things many of us already have and use. mimix 3D Profile Scanner is now in its first release stage, expect much more to come.

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