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Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research

November 30, 2008
Richard A. Krueger, Mary Anne Casey


Focus Group: A Practical Guide for Applied Research was the standard for learning how to conduct a focus group. This highly acclaimed book in its third edition includes numerous updates and improvements:


- Vignettes drawn from small and large focus groups that illustrate problems that come up and effective ways to resolve the issues.


- Designing questions for asking effective questions to draw out a group and how to refine them based on the group’s responses.


- Collaborative Approach updated to address the latest ways to implement the empowerment and action research.


- Budgeting how to more effectively budget for a focus group


- Coding how to more effectively use existing software packages to code and analyze the results of a focus group.


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As a global branding company we always conduct research and NEVER conduct focus groups. They often give false positives and false negatives and are never projectable. You can find some blogs about this or even read about how we should stop conducting these misleading groups by visiting our web site at www.stealingshare.com. We have a plethora of article on the subject and many blogs about it as well