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Pinterest sharing button and apps will make followers to follow you on pinterest. 
Login into Answers Labs for professional meet-ups.

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Jason Roiz is a proficient technical content writer, who consults with a passion to help small business organisations to large sized businesses via Drupal development services.

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Mobile has changed the way we interact with content. As UX practitioners, we need to rethink the design paradigm for the web. Simply translating desktop designs to mobile screens is not an option.

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Empathy is a 'soft' skill which all great UX designers should possess. Empathizing with users leads to a better understanding of how to solve their problem.

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Have you noticed a lag in your website traffic or conversion rates? Chances are, the cause is bad performance. If your visitors have to wait more than three seconds for your site to load, 40%of them won’t stick around.

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