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This white paper highlights how by adding powerful information dashboards, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are creating a competitive advantage for themselves. 
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Dashboard design trends and a showcase of some of the industry's best digital products that have incorporated them.
We've been maintaining two versions of the same product for 11 months. We’ve managed to convert 66% of our customers to the new product.
If you are a reading buff as much as I am, you probably realized that good books don't come cheap. That is why I have gathered some interesting free ebooks, which will perfectly fit on your tablet. Topic is Usability.
Agencies - Check out the latest, simple team scheduling app, Allocate.
This is your must-have resource to the theoretical and practical concepts of mobile User Experience. 
Searching for web designer and developer is not an easy task this is why we have make your task easier.
When it comes to enterprise mobility, different businesses have different requirements.
Although design can’t change the outcome of a disaster, designers should help others to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a disaster.
TabPatterns in a user interface pattern library specifically for tablet devices. It is a showcase of the best and most recent design patterns that are unique to tablet devices. 
Blazing fast wireframingWorks with basic shapesInstant object swappingSmart scalingEasy color editing, more than 140 styles and growing
An app's architecture, interactions and layout in one pixel perfect deliverable, available for OmniGraffle and Illustrator / EPS.
Have you noticed a lag in your website traffic or conversion rates? Chances are, the cause is bad performance. If your visitors have to wait more than three seconds for your site to load, 40%of them won’t stick around.
 Designing interfaces and apps for kids is not just a matter of simplification or making the buttons bigger - it requires us to consider interaction models from the child's perspective.
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SSL or digital certification makes sure that every website is taking care to protection.
 Empathy is a 'soft' skill which all great UX designers should possess. Empathizing with users leads to a better understanding of how to solve their problem.
usabiliTEST online Card Sorting tool supports cards with text labels, images or a combination of both.
Managing projects is an active organization is never an easy task. The project managers and leaders in charge would need to organize, plan, allocate, motivate, and manage capital and other resources to get the results.