Freelancer / self-employed

Senior Full stack JS and Node.js Developer

Need a stellar fullstack Javascript Developer who has around 1yr+ with Node and/or react.js. Communication is key and GC and citizens only since you have to obtain a Public Trust clearance for this federal client. Development tools: React.js, Flux, Node.js, Express.js, Bookshelf, Redis, NGiNX, HTML/CSS Advanced or Expertise knowledge in Node.js and/or React.js

UX Design Course Mentor (Part-Time/Flexible/Remote)

We run an online, self-paced UX Design workshop where participants learn with the help of a curated curriculum and 1-1 guidance from an expert mentor. Our mentor community - the biggest strength of our programs - has some of the best experts from the field. If you are as passionate about mentoring as you are about UX, and can give a few hours per week in return for an honorarium, we would love to hear from you!
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