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Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX)

Comparing Popular Layer-Based and Code-Based Prototyping Tools

A review of several layer- and code-based prototyping tools highlights opportunities to gain more control over your mobile prototypes.

Kicking Off the 2014 Design for Experience Awards

The 2014 international Design for Experience awards program, presented by UX Magazine, is now accepting applications and recommendations.

Make Your App Vital By Reaching Out to Users in Context

If you want to give users an experience they can't live without, your app functionality should take location data into consideration.

Five UX Insights about Uber and the Ridesharing Economy

Some key experience design insights into the sharing economy gleaned from a ride-along study of Uber users in San Francisco.

What a Prototype Is (and Is Not)

They can be paper or click-through, but designing successful digital experiences involves making prototypes of your interfaces.

Spotlight On: Wearable Technology