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I thought it might be useful to give you all an update on some of the live roles that we are currently looking for people for. I've kept the descriptions lightweight, just enough to give an overview. If something looks interesting, drop me a line for more detailed info. And please feel free to forward to anyone you think might find it useful.

I have a few other roles I am working on, as well as new briefs being confirmed this week, so if these don't look quite right, but you are interested in hearing about other things, please do reach out to me, there may be something else that we can discuss.


Senior Director of User Experience and Product Strategy – Brooklyn Studio - $160-180k

At the risk of sounding overly hyperbolic, every now and then, a role comes along which is so good, that it makes us excited to be involved in finding the right person. This is definitely one of those roles. We love this Brooklyn based studio. A lot. Small (50ish people) but perfectly formed, incredibly high standards of design, lofty thinkers, not concerned with fluffy marketing or advertising projects, and a great, collaborative production process.

They are looking for a Director, or Senior Director, of user experience and product strategy, to lead a very special team within the company. They will pay up to around $180k for the right person, but slightly more is not totally out of the question, It’s all about being justifiable. You will be leading and managing one of the most talented, innovative and creative teams, within one of the best regarded design studios in NYC.



Interaction Designer(s) – Manhattan Design Studio - $85-125k

We’re very happy and proud to be able to talk to you about one of our favourite design studios, who are looking to add some new interaction designers to the family in their brand new NYC home. We are working with these guys exclusively, so you will only hear about these roles through us.

This studio represents something fairly unique in NYC; a product and service design outfit with UX at the very core. Everything they do is user centered, from inception to delivery. Every project they undertake is disruptive in some way, whether the multi-award winning client work they undertake for global multinationals, or their own self funded product IP for distribution and release themselves (of which they invest over $1,000,000 a year into developing)

The production process in the studio is rigidly user centered, but also flexible and malleable enough to accommodate multiple project structures and client needs. Everything will begin with an extensive discovery phase, which will be a combination of interviews and collaborative workshops, contextual enquiries and ethnographic studies, a mix of qual and quants research tasks. From here, personas and scenarios will be visualized, stories and narratives created, initial journeys and flows concepted, data hierarchies and relationships will begin to be mapped out. From here, design concepting will begin; sketching, white boarding, paper prototyping, lo-fi wireframing, whatever makes sense. Actual wireframing is kept to a minimum where possible, in favour of building quick prototypes.  Clients will be brought into the creative process as much as possible, and the team structure on projects will include interaction designers, researchers, visual and GUI designers, front end devs and creative technologists, all working hand in hand throughout.


Director of User Experience – Manhattan based Creative Agency - $150-185k

One of our clients, an independent full service design agency, with a strong footprint and pedigree in digital, are looking for a director of user experience to lead their practice and current UX team. The agency works on multi-platform (web, mobile, tablet) digital product design, with some advertising / marketing stuff aswell (not a huge amount, and generally only as part of a wider, long arch piece of work).

The agency’s projects are primarily in the pharmaceutical realm (don’t switch off just yet), with some significant work in the sporting arena too. The split is around 70-30 in favor of pharma, but the work they are doing in this space is not the usual restrictive, regulation heavy snoozeathon stuff that a lot of other agencies are bogged down in, it’s genuinely interesting, complex work. 

They need someone who is able to switch focus very rapidly between being the hands on manager for the team, a creative genius in front of clients and in workshops, a detail oriented project manager able to scope and run process for the department on projects, a pragmatist adept at choosing the right process and package of techniques to achieve the best results on time and on budget, and a visionary leader who can represent UX internally within the agency, and externally with new and existing clients.



Senior Interaction Designer – Large Financial Services organisation - $120-160k+

A new client of ours, one of the largest and most prestigious financial services organisations and a fortune 500 company, are looking to make a number of key user experience hires for their design team.  This organisation is synonymous with the world of finance like no other. It’s a good bet that if you ask any trader, analyst, or broker, which product they couldn’t live without, it would be the one this company is responsible for. 

The product is more of a platform, with over 3000 selectable applications and plug-ins, making it totally bespoke and tailorable (similar in this regard to the iOS platform). It allows traders to receive up to the minute financial market information, interpret and analyse data in a number of very powerful ways, cross reference and run comparisons on a huge amount of variable data, and a whole host of other things. The product itself is not pretty, deliberately so, but is extremely powerful and lightning quick.

The experience design team consists of interaction designers, usability analysts, visual designers, and prototypers, all working collaboratively and to an agile process. The product managers will work with the XD team to turn ideas into concepts, concepts into design, design into prototype, then test and iterate as many times as necessary. Everything is based around user needs; there is no guessing, or following an unsubstantiated business requirement. The product feeds every detail of user behavior back to the company, and it is this that forms the basis of the project requirements.