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October 8, 2013

UX Brighton - Oktoberfest


UX Brighton evenings are back with UX Oktoberfest - on Tues 8th October 7pm


Join us on 8th October at Fabrica Gallery for three talks from three fantastic speakers:

Jerome Ribot
Cognitive biases & design
Jerome will be talking about embracing psychology to help make better product experiences. By designing around various cognitive biases, we can make users feel great, spend more, and come back again and again.

Andy Budd
Using Design for Competitive Advantage
Why do so many digital companies favour technology over design? In his talk Andy will explain How start-ups (and any other business) can use design for more than making something pretty. Instead Andy believes that design is one of the few areas of competitive advantage left.

Jason Mesut
Come together - Better connections between physical products, digital services and the teams that deliver them
Jason will talk around the divides and overlaps between Industrial Design and Digital Service Design and why we must start to work better with others to create a better future for products and services in the future.

Tickets are free - with a £5 deposit, refunded if you attend the event, or cancel your ticket by noon on Friday 4th October.

Any remaining proceeds will go towards helping to fund the evening events and to provide a much deserved donation to our hosts Fabrica.


40 Duke Street
BN1 1AG Brighton
United Kingdom


October 8, 2013


Patrick Sansom

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