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March 15, 2013

User Experience Design for the Zombie Apocalypse



What happens when digital user experience and the zombie apocalypse collide? Find out in this hands-on class.

So how DO you make a digital user experience (that might be a web site, and iPhone app, or some other piece of software) that is useful, usable, even delightful? We'll teach you some of the fundamentals of the process, including:
- Understanding Context: Where and how might the thing I'm designing be used? And why should I care? 
- Understanding Users: Who might use this thing? What are they like? How do I find out? And why should I care? 
- Fundamentals of Design: A few basics to hang your hat on. 
- Rapid Prototyping: This is where you jump in. We'll give you the tools you need to start designing your digital user experience. 
And while the zombie apocalypse may not be at hand just yet, these are all real skills used in the day-to-day job of designing user experiences.

No reason this shouldn't be fun, so we'll explore these topics using the zombie apocalypse as our example scenario. You'll get some presentations about the user experience design process and then we'll work on actual designs together. No particular design experience or artistic ability needed. This is class is intended specifically for people who are curious about user experience design, but may not have had much of a chance to try their hand at actually designing from the user's perspective.




1062 Delaware St.
80204 Denver, Colorado
United States


March 15, 2013





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