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March 20, 2012

Pass the iPad, Please – 5 Lessons for Creating Great Tablet Experiences


Pass the iPad, Please – 5 Lessons for Creating Great Tablet Experiences
Brennan Browne, AnswerLab

The tablet platform breaks the mold from certain commonly accepted paradigms on traditional computer and mobile platforms, and raises unique concerns and potential barriers to adoption in some areas. As a guide for developers, designers, and product managers, we have identified three key trends across our tablet UX research and provide five lessons for creating tablet experiences, as well as best practices for conducting tablet research.

Photo of Brennan BrowneBrennan Browne is a Senior UX Researcher with AnswerLab and has led hundreds of interviews with consumers in qualitative and ethnographic research. He also has experience conducting eyetracking research, quantitative data analysis, and other research methodologies both qualitative and quantitative in nature. In the past year, he has led projects to help clients optimize content, navigation, functionality, and personalization for mobile and tablet websites and apps. Brennan holds a B.A. in Economics and Geography from UCLA.


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March 20, 2012


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