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September 17, 2013

Leveraging Opportunities for Newly Mobile Seniors 65+- UXPA NYC


We're excited to announce the results of a study we recently conducted that sheds light on a growing and important audience:“Getting to Know the Newly Mobile Senior Set”: folks age 65 and over who are actively engaged in using smartphones and tablets. 

Our CEO, Tammy Sachs, is presenting highlights from this study on Sept. 17 at 6pm at a UXPA event hosted by Thomson Reuters. To learn more/sign up:http://www.nycuxpa.org/ 

Through qualitative (10 focus groups) and quantitative (800+ participants) exploration nationally, we sought to understand why and when seniors went mobile and the impact that smart devices are having on their lives, work, and interaction with your brands, particularly related to: 

• Entertainment and Travel 
• Health and Wellness 
• Shopping and eCommerce 
• Financial Management 
• Communication and Education 

Five reasons to get to know them: 

1. A LARGE AUDIENCE: Huge in number (40 million and growing) and spending power. 
2. UNTAPPED POTENTIAL: Little is known about their behavior as they are often dismissed as digitally challenged. 
3. BOOMERS AT HEART: They plan to live out the next quarter of their lives with a boom – learning, staying healthy, connecting, traveling, working, living out their dreams. 
4. DEFYING EXPECTATIONS: They shatter many a myth about their digital engagement and their degree of passion for devices that make them feel empowered and relevant. 
5. OPPORTUNITY ABOUNDS: Getting to know these “digital immigrants” will generate ideas for how to expand and adapt messaging, product offerings, customer service and training for them. 
In short: if you score, you’ll score big as they want to learn, and they have the time, the motivation and the means. 

Hope to see you there! 



Thompson Reuters
United States


September 17, 2013



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