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Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX)
October 26, 2012

Illustrating the Big Picture: Customer Journey Mapping with Jamie Thomson & Megan Grocki


Teams often struggle with design decisions when creating products and services. They focus quickly on scenarios and use-cases that can sometimes lead to designs that feel disjointed. Designing for cross-channel ecosystems, where customers engage through different channels at different times, typically exacerbates this.

Additionally, throughout the design process it’s not uncommon to encounter:

•A lack of stakeholder empathy for customers and their situations

•Difficulty focusing and communicating the future vision for a product or service

•Departments unaware of what each is doing and how it impacts the customer

Journey maps are a powerful tool in tackling these challenges. Using them to define a vision, a story of the ultimate experience you‘d like users to have across all of their interactions with your services, you can provide guidance in the design of a consistent, cohesive service, regardless of channels and touch points.

With journey maps your team can:

•Identify inconsistencies and rough patches in customers’ current experiences

•Build empathy for customers and identify opportunities to consider their lives and emotions when making design decisions

•Set a clear vision that is easily understood by stakeholders and team members and use it to discuss and analyze new design ideas

•Establish a strong foundation for prototyping and crafting an experience strategy

•Make design decisions that help ensure optimal experiences for customers across channels


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October 26, 2012





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