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May 31, 2012

Digital Shoreditch Festival - Adaptive web design talk with Cyber-Duck's Matt Gibson


Matt Gibson, Production Director at award-winning Cyber-Duck, who oversees all UX and design, is one of the key speakers at this year's Digital Shoreditch Festival and will present a seminar on Wednesday May 30th May about Adaptive Web Design looking at the benefits and real life uses involved.

Matt’s seminar will examine not just the theory but offer plenty of practical examples of how adaptive web design can be used to build websites and web applications that use the latest technology without sacrificing universality or accessibility.

Matt will examine adaptive web design; from responsive grids to designing for context and looking at the challenges that need to be overcome in adaptive web design. Matt will also answer questions like: what is adaptive web design? What's the difference between adaptive and responsive? Is a mobile first strategy always best? How to approach UX design for adaptive websites?

Commenting on his upcoming seminar Matt said: “Adaptive web design and its link to compatibility and accessibility of the Web is a key factor for the future success of our industry. We, as an industry can no longer deny the existence of the increasing trend of users accessing websites using their phone and tablet in addition to the traditional desktop or laptop. As a result both designers and organisational marketing and strategy managers need to take note of this transference in behaviour and start producing designs tailored for mobile that progressively enhance based on the capabilities of the device or machine viewing the website. By doing so you are accommodating as opposed to alienating what could be a huge proportion of your websites users. This is something we are passionate about and want to make sure that the UK is seen as a country of excellence and are happy Digital Shoreditch have created the platform for us to do this.”

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May 31, 2012




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