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March 2, 2013

Denver Service Jam 2013


Get your creative hats on, it's time for the Global Service Jam!

More Info: http://denverservicejam.org/
Or just register: http://denverservicejam2013.eventbrite.com/

What:  A part of a global event, Denver Service Design Jam is a weekend long jam (yes, like a music jam) where designers and other creatively inclined people team up to design a service in response to a surprise theme. The theme is revealed at the beginning of the weekend, and teams have just 48 hours to create a concept, before they’re asked to share it with other designers around the world.

When: 5pm  Fri March 1st - 5pm Sun March 3rd

Where:  EffectiveUI, 2162 Market Street, Denver, CO 80205.

EffectiveUI is a mighty fine group of folks who have been working hard to bring more service design to the area, and we are extremely grateful for their generous sponsorship.

Map/directions here: http://goo.gl/maps/EDlN9

What is Service Design? Service design is an emerging discipline focused on creating more useful, effective, and efficient services. It isn’t aimed at creating tangible products and it isn't about digital or UX design, though products and digital experiences can be a powerful part of a service experience. When Apple created the Genius Bar or when Southwest re-imagined the way people board an airplane, they were using service design thinking. Service design is, at its core, human-centered and holistic, focused on customer needs.

Who: Anyone and Everyone. But most importantly, you! You do not have to be a service designer, or a designer at all for that matter. This is a chance to work with people you don't normally get to work with. The key to a great jam is having a mixture of talented people who are willing to experiment and challenge each other, each bringing a different piece of the puzzle.

Why:  As a participant on a local Service Jam team, you will work through a whole design process in one weekend alongside over 80 teams from around the world. Whether you are experienced or completely new to the field, you won’t just be talking about service design, you will be working with others on developing concrete ideas and designs which could become real. It's a chance to share ideas, learn new methods, and have a ton of fun.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to the local organizing team: http://denverservicejam.org/contact/

Please forward, share, and encourage anyone you think might be interested to come!

Your Jammin' Local Organizers:
- Mekayla Beaver
- Julia Pellicciaro
- Lindsay Moore
- Richard Price


2162 Market Street
80205 Denver, Colorado
United States


March 2, 2013


Denver Service Jam



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