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June 11, 2013

Cooper's UX Boot Camp: Marketplace Money


At Cooper, we believe you learn best by putting new skills into practice solving the kinds of challenges designers face on a daily basis. That’s why we designed UX Boot Camp, a four-day crash-course in our user experience design methodology that gives you a real-world problem to solve along with the toolkit you’ll need to tackle it. You’ll take your designs from idea to inception with the mentorship of our best teachers and active feedback from a real client.

Cooper's UX Boot Camp is an intensive design training for designers, developers, and product managers who have some product design experience but want to take their skills and processes to the next level. In short, it’s where people become design leaders. The class is built around hands-on activities, conducted in pairs and small teams. 

This UX Boot Camp will give you the chance to work with Marketplace Money, a division of American Public Media. In this UX Boot Camp, you will be challenged to design the future of radio. What does a radio show's website look like? Where do they gather stories? And how can they open this process to listeners?


85 Second St 8th Floor
San Francisco, California
United States


June 11, 2013




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