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May 30, 2013

Breakfast briefing - Conversion Rate Optimisation



Over the past few years, Conversion Rate Optimisation with its iterative testing approach has not only become a strong buzz word but has developed into the key foundation of many successful business strategies.  The case for fuelling change based on your users and continually testing elements of your site design is well publicised, yet is your business taking steps to ensure a streamlined user experience in today’s Omni-channel market?

It is important that a strong strategy is founded on an even stronger understanding of the user.  Without this, how can a business really understand its users, answering important questions like: when to target them, on what device and ultimately, how to give the user a seamless experience of your brand across all platforms?  Developing a strategy with Conversion Rate Optimisation and testing at the core is key in today’s multi device playingfield.  

In the first in our series of popular free Breakfast Briefings for 2013, using practical examples we will cover:

  • What is conversion rate optimisation
  • How is it used, when should it be started and the benefits
  • Explain testing methods
  • Case studies

The breakfast is absolutely FREE. Numbers are limited so please sign up if you are interested.



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May 30, 2013


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